2020-01-11 Sunday Service

 January Winter Conference

This morning Pastor Juan Pablo Cardo from Argentina preached a sermon titled "Messengers of Hope".

On Sunday evening Pastor JW Ballinger preached.

There is always an altar call for salvation. This is one of the most important parts of any service.

People fill the altar space to commit themselves to the work of God.

Pastor Ballinger called all men that have talked to their pastor already about preaching the gospel to the front for prayer.

Several men responded to the call. Pastor Ballinger told the congregation that every single man that had responded has one short leg.

Pastor Ballinger had every single man that responded sit in a chair and checked their legs, every single man did in fact have one short leg.

After every single man showed that one leg was short Pastor Ballinger prayed for them to be healed. He then proceeded to have them sit again and checked their legs. Every single mans leg had grown out and was identical to the other. Incredible to see what God does for his people!