2019-07-06 Final Prep for Grand Opening

Brian Rens unlocks the doors for things to begin!!

Our kitchen workers start food prep on Sat. morning.

The decorating crew. Who is going to blow up all those balloons?!!!

The sun was scorching and a little shade was inviting for a short rest.

They are rested so it is time to try out the durability of the play equipment.

This is not checking, this is playtime. Fun!

John Robinson thinks the slide needs a test run too.

Not too graceful John!

Kris Hart can't resist what looks like such fun.

Watch Out!!

Rolling to a stop. Not the same as when he was a kid!

Steve Drennan manages to land on his feet.

Pete Baker is headed for a hard landing. Ouch!

Look mom! I can still do the monkey bars!!!

Rachel & Matt Keppel & son are about to take flight.

Cory Pratt is compacting the ground for the artificial turf. He is good.

Ralph Blanco helps install the turf. All of this was hot hard work. Thanks guys.

John is going to have a bit of trouble shaving that turf beard before Sunday morning! Men of God with a good sense of humor.