2019-04-28 Baptism

Kenneth & Zach doing the baptising.

Stephen has come back to serve God and brought his family with him.

Esteban has been delivered from gangs. God spared his life many times for such a time as this. He thanks God for salvation.

Steaven has been in trouble with the law but got saved and wants to be an instrument for God's purposes.

Diana was addicted to pain medication but she says God saved her, delivered her and set her free. She is grateful for a loving and forgiving God.

Flor grew up in church but had no personal relationship with Jesus. She was addicted to drugs and considered suicide. She came back to church and got really saved. Praise God.

Mia grew up in church acting saved but was pretending. Now she has has a personal relationship with Jesus and He changed her life.

Rhiannon was once saved but she and her husband have come back as a family to serve God through Jesus. She wants to be an example of that changed life.