2019-03-07 Steel Arrives & Going Up!

First load of eagerly anticipated steel for the trusses arrives.

Thank God for the moisture. Work goes on in spite of the last 2 weeks of rain & snow.

The crane arrives! This little piece of equipment it what it takes to lift the 53,000 pound trusses into place.

These men are assembling the trusses, which arrived in 3 sections. Wow, it looks like a giant Erector set! Not kid stuff!!

The supporting columns being lifted into place.

The first truss is finally coming off the ground. What an exciting sight!

Slowly but surely HIGH, HIGHER, HIGHEST and finally set in place.

Huge bolts are being put into place. Those guys are high up there!

Pastor Greg Mitchell, Brian Rens & Pastor Sullivan are so thrilled to see such progress.

Another truss set into place with many more to come.

The new building is taking shape. Praise God for His help!