2019-01-07 Last Conf in Tent

Sponsored delegates registering for Conference on Monday.

Lisa & Chris stay into the evening for late arrivals.

Pastor Mitchell, as always, on his way to the prayer tent.

Pastor Wayman Mitchell preaches the Monday and Friday evening services. What a blessing he has always been to our lives!

Old friends visiting before each service.

Pastor Mitchell congratulating Artie Aragon on he and the Chinle guys setting up the Conference tent for the last time. Thank all of you who have worked long and hard to make this come together.

Delegates come from all over the world.

Pastor Greg Mitchell emceed each evening and preached the Wednesday evening service.

Pastor Joe Campbell, one of the leaders of the Fellowship, preached the Tuesday evening service.

Pastor Tom Payne, the leader of the Australian work, preached Thursday evening.

Pastor Harold Warner, from Tucson, preaches one of the morning seminars.

Pastor Mark Aulson from Tempe preached another of the morning seminars.

Day and night, the tent was full of people worshiping God and being fed the Word of God through preaching.