2018-12-27 Last Tent Raising

Pastor Artie Aragon, from Chinle, AZ, with his bullhorn gives directions for setting up the main tent.

Let's get started! Pull, pull, for the rest of the day pull!!

Evangelist Steve Bowman helping set one of the posts.

Hold that post in place, Steve. Is this a new form of pole dancing?!!

Pull until Artie yells "stop"!

One of the Chinle guys sets the stake. Those guys know how to use a hammer!

Johnny Guzman, Prescott Concert Director, does a pretty good job with a hammer too.

Ike Cook, the master tent raiser for so many years, comes to make our evangelists keep moving under threat of his strong grip.

Ike taught Artie how to put up the tent and they have made a great team.


More PULL!

Some of the Chinle guys ride the Cherry Picker to the top. All of those guys are amazing. No fear!!

Pull some more!

Oh, now time to lift.

Put your backs into it guys! (and they did!)

After much pulling, pushing, lifting this tent will rise.