2018-11-01 Prayers Into Foundation

Pastor Mitchell with congregation's prayer requests to be placed in the foundation of the new building.

Requests are placed together in a box.

Pastor Wayman, Pastor Sullivan & Pastor Galvan overseeing the foundation preparation.

Pastor Mitchell reads scripture about foundations and prayer.

Pastors pray over the box of requests and the building of the new addition to the church.

Pastor Keith Sullivan jumps into the hole to place the box with the promise he would be helped out before the concrete is poured!!

We tease him about being a foundational pastor if no one will help him out!

Andy Cota takes mercy on him with a hand up! Thank you Andy.

That box with the precious prayer requests of the saints of God.

The pouring of the concrete begins.

As the box begins to disappear

we know God answers our prayers for our loved ones and spreading the Gospel to the uttermost parts of the earth.

All of the additional foundation holes will be filled as this one was.

Many loads of concrete will be needed to complete the job for a firm foundation.