2018/02/25 Sun PM Baptism

David & Brian will do the baptism of the new converts.

Jon has come back and wants to serve God after backsliding for 3 years.

Jordan had a messed up life of addiction. He came to Prescott to a Christian Rehab. (here) He came to church & Jesus saved & delivered him.

Ryan was a backslider destroying his life alcohol. He came to a Christian Rehab & came to this church. Jesus has saved him & set him free.

Scott, a very bitter angry man, came here to visit his sister. He came to this church & got saved. He is not a bitter angry man anymore.

Nate was hopelessly addicted to drugs & alcohol. A friends changed life in Jesus gave him hope. God miraculously brought him here to a Christian Rehab. His friend brought him to church. Jesus saved & delivered him from addiction.

Yogsan testified that God changed his life & he wants to serve God.

Tayler comes from Kayenta in the Navajo Nation, a land plagued with alcoholism. He had little hope until he came to church & Jesus saved him & set him free.

Ian was invited to church by an exercise buddy. He was convicted of his sin & answered the altar call for salvation.

Sarah wanted to get baptised to confirm her salvation & desire to serve God.

Kerriann experienced some hard times. After her family moved back to Prescott, they came to church & she gave her life to Jesus.

Melissa make bad choices & backslide during her teen years. She wants to be saved & serve God with all of her heart.