2018/08/17-18 Oceanside Crusade

Exciting days in Oceanside!

The big banner is up high along the beach to advertise the crusade.

Many Fellowship churches and the Prescott church labor together to make the crusade a success.

Passing invitations along the beach and boardwalk.

Telling people about Jesus and salvation by His blood!

Bands play every evening to draw people to the crusade.

Pastor Wayman has preached many crusades in Oceanside.

Age has not slowed his zeal for seeing souls saved and the power of Jesus demonstrated by healing the infirm.

Many respond to the altar calls that were given both evenings.

Witnessing one on one.

Pastor Mitchell preaches from the band shell to a large crowd each night.

Many that respond to the altar call for salvation also come to be healed.

Joints move and pain is gone!

Short legs grow out and back pain is healed.

Arms now move freely without pain.

This woman is overjoyed to be healed.

Several women with cancerous lumps are healed. The lumps are GONE!!! Praise God!

Broken bones are healed and his healing is demonstrated when he removes the cast and has total motion and no pain!!!