2018 Summer Tent Raising

A group picture of the crew that came from Chinle to raise the tents.

Huge bundles of tent sections come out.

Spreading them out in order.

One of the smaller tents

Second smaller tent laid out

Men from Prescott Church help too.

Artie and one of his guys make sure things are in place.

Ike, the BIG BOSS, oversees all! The man who has done this for years. Thank you Ike.

These guys can make hard work look like fun!!

Hustle, hustle, hustle! Is that Artie's voice on the bullhorn?!

Poles being placed along the sides of a tent.

The sides take shape.

Pull, pull, pull.

Everyone working together makes it happen.

Inside a tent the main poles are being placed.

Takes lots of manpower working together.

A second main pole placed!

More pulling, pulling, pulling!