2018/06 Building Projects Begins

Work begins!!

The front drive thru must all come down.

Brian makes another way to enter the building.

All the rafters are exposed.

Finding out what is underneath!

They have to make oh so many cuts!

Assessing where to go next.

Piece by piece most of the rafters are down.

Move over boys let me at it!

James Martinez, the backhoe artist, brings down what is left.

The crane arrives and down comes the big wooden beam.

Setting it down is harder than it looks. It is heavy.

Now for the steel I-beams!!

Here comes the first one. We all wanted to shout with joy! It worked!

On to the second beam.

Hoist her up!

Looks like it is floating in the air but there are men guiding it with ropes.

Last beam down. These pictures make it look so easy but it took lots of skill and sweat!!!