2018/06/1&2 Nogales Crusade

Huge banner on the side of a downtown building in Nogales.

A large crowd of people for the first night of the crusade.

The service begins with praise songs.

Pastor Jonathan Heimberg preaches the crusade.

He preaches salvation and God's healing power.

Pastor Heimberg invites people to the altar to accept Jesus as Savior.

Many, many people respond.

They are given new convert cards and material.

A mass prayer for healing.

Woman is healed as they pray for her on the platform.

Man can move his leg without pain!

A small child is brought for healing.

Man comes with great pain.

He can move pain free by the power of God.

Sat. morning parade through the downtown streets.

A few of the Prescott young people hit the streets to pass out invitations to the crusade.

Inviting the people on the street.