2018/04/28 San Luis Crusade Sat.

Sign over the San Luis church building.

San Luis band plays at the Sat. morning service before they hit the streets.

Pastor Angel Morales preaches that service.

People answer the altar call to commit themselves to telling people about Jesus with a new zeal.

San Luis young people put on a music drama.

They are off to the parade to invite people to Jesus and to the evening healing crusade.

The band performs on the float as it goes through the streets.

Passing flyer invitations to people in cars!

Passing flyer invitations to people on bicycles!!

Passing flyer invitations to anyone along the parade route!!!

Band playing to announce the beginning of the evening crusade.

Exciting to see such a large crowd gather to hear that Jesus forgives sin and heals.

Pastor Rich Cox preaches the Good News of Jesus.

An older man responds to the salvation altar call and fills out a new convert card.

He is blind in one eye and comes for healing.

The blind eye can see! Jesus heals!