Water Baptism 2021-3-28

Water Baptism 2021-3-28

Chris was backslid for many years.

Gave his life to God after a dream of Hell.

After some time of lying, stealing and cheating, God convicted him of his sin.

Anthony Spent time in prison and wants to serve God.

Kellan came from a broken home, and wants to do Gods will.

Randy has lived a life of crime and addiction, and has attempted suicide in the past. He wants to completely surrender to God.

Roc was into partying and drugs, with attempts of suicide.

Lived a life of anxiety.

Hannah realizes God has been with her thru terrible decisions and loneliness.

Stacey was living 2 lives, one way at church another at home. She has surrendered her life fully to Jesus.

Has had a hard with family and kids as a single mom.

Kaylin wants to be able to forgive of past hurts.