2018/03/24 Youth Extreme

Prescott Church youth lead the morning service.

Youth come from all over AZ, NV & CA to take part in the Youth Extreme day.

A full house praising God.

Evangelist Jerry Fussell preaches to the young attendees.

A conviction sermon for this generation.

Some young people accept Jesus as their Savior at the altar call.

Other young people reaffirm their commitment to witness to their generation.

Many are filled with the Holy Ghost, speaking in other tongues.

Jerry Fussell prays for the young people before they go out to witness.

They hit the streets of downtown Prescott.

Young people witnessing and inviting people to the evening outreach.

Young man witnesses to the real live person!

They also go door to door inviting people to the outreach.

Loud and clear testimonies are given.

Gathering back together to sing gospel choruses downtown.

Sound check as the evening program begins at One 80, 422 W. Gurley.