2018-10-14 Baptism

Ryan was raised in church & saved when he was young. He went back to being a good guy but a sinner. Knowing that if he died he would not go to heaven, he has accepted Jesus as his Savior & wanted to confirm that decision by being baptised.

Schuyler attended this church since he was very young. He knew right from wrong but he wasn't saved. He cussed & caused a lot of trouble. But now he is saved & wants to live for Jesus.

Robert was on a really bad path in life. He thought he would just die a hopeless, bitter, hate filled alcoholic. He had no hope of change. God brought him to Prescott to save & deliver him & give him a happy new live in Jesus.

Troy got saved a few months ago. He has been delivered from drugs, alcohol & cigarettes. He is thankful for people who love him & prayed for him. He wants to live for God.

Krestin grew up in the Chinle Potter's House church. In 2002 her mom died of ovarian cancer, & her family's life changed drastically. Feelings of hate & abandonment took over her life. Now as an adult she remembers the joy of salvation her mom had & wants that for herself & her family.

Brook Lynn grew up in & out of church. At 21 she became addicted to heroin & other drugs. It almost took her life. Finally people from this church witnessed to her & she got saved & delivered. Those people have become like family. She is drug free & wants to serve God.